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I am Marc Moll-i-Marques , Conscious Flower Essence Therapist.

I have studied and worked with the therapeutic and medicinal properties of Menorcan Flora for many years. From this long period of study, experimentation and practice, I have, to date,  developed two Flower Essence Systems and have published  three books on my work: “Names and Uses of Menorcan Plants” “Popular Menorca Medicine: plants. animals, minerals and other modes of healing.” “Flower Essences from Menorca and the other Balearic Islands.”

My work is a combination of inter-related therapies which complement each other and also inter-relate between and among the physical , emotional, mental and spiritual needs of my clients. The therapies and techniques I use include: family constellation work, chromotherapy, flower essences, phytotherapy and kinesiology.

These therapies are indicated for the management and development of : emotions; to heal recent and old traumas; to improve communication, expression, understanding, acceptance and learning from experience. They also show us how to manage and develop intimate or romantic-partner relationships;  how to manage family patterns particularly conflicts; sexuality; bereavement and other losses; as well as  managing and developing self-esteem and personal power.

Evolutionary or Conscious Flower Therapy : Balancing and managing our emotions with the help of Flower Essences: Bach Essences, Menorcan and Balearic Essences.





The unique mix of my Balearic Flower Essences , each have a very specific and defined therapeutic purpose . These plants are exclusive and endemic to the Balearic Islands, refined and honed to their particular essences as a result of centuries of isolation and evolution with the necessary adaptation to the islands’ climate and geology.  This evolutionary work that the Baleares offer, is thus imprinted and encoded within these plants, and  can be shared for the evolution of all beings. The flower essences are obtained through meditation and the transfer of the vibratory pattern of each flower. In transferring the flower essence, no plant or flower is cut in  their natural habitat ;  we simply geodes , with water as the conduit  between the flower energy and the geode, allowing the water to become impregnated with the flower essence’s structure.

These highly specialized Flower Essences offer us the opportunity to refine aspects of our internal structures; to open our mental and emotional  concepts and  amplify  these internal structures in a more harmonious way. They help us to integrate parts of the Self that have become separated and isolated , enabling us to confide fully in our personal power and compassion. In this way we connect deeply to our true self and our personal spirituality as a basic way of living. The Essences are useful for decoding old information in our internal structures, thus liberating pain which allows us to understand our experiences better and live more fully and harmoniously.

Balearic Flower Essences: Islands of Wonder.

Properties and Indications :

Formentera: Water: Liberating and decoding childhood patterns and installing new healthy, harmonious  and effective structures.

Ibiza: Air: Co-creation of the Self and connection to our own identity.

Mallorca: Fire: The acquisition of personal power, maturity and responsibility.

Menorca: Earth:Tranquil abiding and quieting of the Self, serenely deepening our self -knowledge.

Balearic Socarrell - (Nun’s cushion) - Mental clarity; mental projection and a feeling of insatiable need; global vision of what happens and what is experienced.

Balearic Senecio - Coherent expression; faithful to oneself while maintaining respect and love towards others. Harmonious internal silence. Ragwort family within Daisy family- Asteraceae)

Balearic Saffron - Conscious closure of evolving processes. Manage and complete grieving, freeing old, painful information,  opening to new stages .

Balearic Daisy - Integration. Advance fluently. Aids centreing and efficiency. Focuses on being fully present, whatever our essential objective may be.

Balearic Orchid - Presence and openness  reveals your own beauty and grandeur to yourself.

Nura - (This was the name given to Menorca by the Phoenicians who travelled here  many centuries ago. Nura means fire and this is what the travellers saw from the sea - fires in each of the sacred temples on the island)  This essence offers Grounded Spirituality; revision of the ego and  pride , showing us humility: re-connects us to our heart with deep internal spirituality.


Treatments: Place 3 drops from the stock-bottle into a 30ml dropper-bottle filled with water and add 11 drops of brandy as a preservative. To fully treat the relevant aspect, take 3 drops, 3 times a day for  1-3 months.


Vibratory Essences of Menorca - Trenc d’auba

These are essences from Menorca, created using flowers, animals, rocks and spaces  and using the crystal method and geode as shown by Andreas Korte, to transmit the essential energy without harming any living being.

These essences are created with the utmost love and respect for nature. They are energetic essences whose action is vibratory and works on all levels from the physical to the most subtle.They harmonize the person and their process of individualization and union within the collective.  To ensure a greater depth of this personal work, most of the essences work within  a trilogy. As in the rest of nature, animals, plants and stones unite and work together, thus increasing their potency through collaboration. These essences have been created within this trilogy and use all their component parts to resolve conflicts and achieve greater harmony and integration. Other essences are composed of spaces, mostly megalithic monuments. These work  from the individual, towards connection with the collective. These essences hold a very high vibration and are used for refining particular points in our personal development. They are completely compatible with other vibrational essences from other flower essence systems such Bach Flower Remedies or Mediterranean Flower Remedies.

The Vibratory Essences:

Neutral Point / Point Zero: Reconnection: Menorcan Camomile. Reconnection and internal peace.

Freedom: Menorcan Thoroughbred: Liberate internal  blocks ; Plenitude.

Creativity and Capacity: Balearic Lizard. Communicate from and with Love

The Light of Life: Flow: Marine Lilly. Control  fear and guilt.

Integrating Dualities: Triassic Triops: Confusion and duality; the ability to listen to our inner voice.

Personal Power: Taula de Torre d’en Gaumes (Megalithic Monument): Strength, self-esteem and personal power.

Love and wisdom: Taula Torralba d’en Salord. (Megalithic Monument). Convert toxic emotions into love and wisdom.

Union: Menorcan Arnica. Heal wounded families and infuse feelings of union.

Consciousness: Talaiot. Become aware of your own learning and internal structures, with the ability to change them.

Inclusion: Holm Oak. Connecting to the knowledge that we form part of the whole and that ‘abandonment’ is no more than a feeling.