Se organizan e imparten Talleres a lo largo de 2016 a 2017. De Terapia floral evolutiva con esencias vibratorias de Menorca, esencias florales de baleares, huerto aromático-medicinal, excursión plantas comestibles salvajes, etc. Interesados ponerse en contacto con - Marc Moll - Tfno.  620066150  / marcmoll45@yahoo.es




Próximamente los talleres y cursos para el otoño 2017 e invierno 2018

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*What is Flower Essence therapy?

*What are the Vibrational Patterns of Flowers? How do they work and act in our body?

*Methods used to apply Essences in therapy: combining with chromotherapy, phytotherapy, sacred geometry, by evolutionary phases (Essences of 2nd & 3rd generation).

*Kinesology to choose the suitable Essence to work with:Effects of Essences on Consciousness and the Path of Evolution.

*The Path of Evolution with Flower Essences: Treatments and dosages according to the objective, decoding and encoding information.

               Facilitator: Marc Moll, Conscious Flower Essence Therapist.

               Bookings: Aurora Planells Bernat

               Mobile: +353 (0)87 1357461     Email address: planellsbernat.aurora@gmail.com

               Information about the workshop: Marc Moll

                Mobile: (+34)620066150        Email address: marcmoll45@yahoo.es

Entry fee: €10 euros

*Those who attend the weekend workshop can attend the informative talk for free.




What is Flower Essences therapy? How do you prepare a Flower Essence and how do choose the flower you need? How can you prepare Flower Essences using the Geode or Solar method?.

*What are the Vibrational Patterns of Flowers? How do they work and act in our body and consciouness? How can you work with Nature’s Vibrational Patterns in a wild flower setting? What are the main beneficial effects of working with the wild flowers?

*Methods used to apply Essences in therapy.

We will be working with 2nd generation Flower Essences (Bush flower essences) and 3rd generation (Colombian orchids).

*Kinesology will help us choose suitable Essences.

We will study the effect of Essences on Conciousness and the Path of Evolution. Treatments and dosage will vary according to our objectives, as we decode and encode information. We will be working with images of Flower Essences.

*Meditation in nature with your own Personal Flower

This is the flower which perfectly matches your needs at this precise moment, enabling you to change, improve and understand, etc.

You will learn how to prepare your own personal Flower Essence, how to adapt it and how often to use it.     

                                          Marc Moll Flower Essence therapist.                                                                                                      

Price: €150 includes Lunch and Tea breaks for Saturday & Sunday. 

For those who need accommodation we can host up to 7 people, either in a dorm with two bunk beds, or in a twin or double bed room for extra €35 per person per night. This includes a light breakfast. Dinner is optional.

Bookings: Aurora Planells Bernat

Mobile: +353 (0)87 1357461   Email address: planellsbernat.aurora@gmail.com

Info about the workshop: Marc Moll

 Mobile: (+34)6200150. Email address: marcmoll45@yahoo.es